Distance Lovin’ Part 3: Cougars on the prowl for Dark Meat abroad

Was Stella a sex tourist?

Just what are people doing in life, huh?  Have you realized just how big and wide this world is out here?  Do you know the types of things people are getting into???

In case you haven’t heard, Sex Tourism is alive and well in many parts of the world.  Unfortunately, it often involves young people and children who are being trafficked against their will and sold to nonchalant, grown, and more-than-willing customers.

But those aren’t the only players in the game. For some time now, women (typically middle-aged, middle class, white women from the West) have been taking time out to get their grooves on abroad with men who they consider to be exciting and “exotic”–African, Jamaican, Turkish, South American, etc.

Many of these women are more than willing to play sugar mama to some young, virile stallions with long rasta locs, or washboard abs, or nice dance moves, or a combination of these and a few other key assets.  The men, understanding this very temporary arrangement for what it is, accept the women’s gifts (they oftentimes have no shame asking for more).

Now, you can judge me if you want to, but I personally don’t believe in throwing around a whole lot of criticism for what consenting adults decide to do in the privacy of their bedrooms, hotels, parked cars, office closets, or airplane lavatories.  As long as everybody’s up front, knows the game they’re playing, there are no hidden quaaludes involved, and nobody has any naive expectations of happily-ever-after, I couldn’t (and I mean could NOT) care less.

But some insist that this is a form of exploitation and victimhood.  Self-exploitation.  Exploitation of the women who have naive dreams for love in exchange for money. Exploitation of the young, often economically disadvantaged men who supposedly don’t even realize they’re being “pimped” by someone or something. And I can agree in assuming that this type of activity contributes to the deterioration of self-worth and family at a time when fortifying the minds and bonds within Black and Brown communities the world over seems more important than ever. It’s a feeding frenzy, no doubt, but some of the prey are latching onto the backs of the predators and taking a ride…

Why don’t you watch this vid and let me know what you think.  And try to be civil. Those YouTube comments can be harsh enough.  Sheesh!


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