The Barbados Chronicles, Part II: Part-time Digital Nomad Life and Remote Work as a Single Mom

It’s amazing how even a harrowing, lightning-fast trip can take you out of your element and leave you refreshed, willing and ready to face reality again.

Pressures are mounting. Rent’s going up. My Groceries are sky high. And these Kids are growing up way too fast. I leave home for a break and have concerns and questions about what’s happening out of my sight swirling like a storm cloud above my head.

Joy in Barbados hotel overlooking ocean.

So, for part of my first day in Barbados, I work – during delays and layovers, after breakfast, in between checks of the American Airlines app’s Lost Baggage link. I sit by the sea with its endlessly soothing song to buffet the stress, and I work.

It really is a blessing to be a digital nomad with the freedom to work anywhere. The flip side is that you can too easily slip into a habit of working everywhere. For some time now, I’ve been advocating for overworked women everywhere to “Burn the Cape” and learn to live a more balanced life, yet the demands of duty never rest.

It is indeed a balancing act. At some point you’ve gotta DECIDE to grab the life you want by the throat and not let go. At some point, you gotta chill…. I know grabbing life by the throat seems oxymoronic to chilling, but in may ways, they actually go hand in hand.

Hell, I needed a break! So, around noon on day one, I finally stopped working, went shopping, and relinquished control.

I’m glad I did…

What do you think?

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