The Barbados Chronicles, Part VI: The Call of the Wild

Some of us go to great lengths to tame ourselves and cultivate our circumstances, because life requires it. Yet, balance is also needed. Sometimes, when we give in to the wild, chaos ensues. Other times, beauty does.

As an avid gardener, I couldn’t help admiring the beautiful flowers and plants we saw. Most were intentionally planted, but the balance of their natural beauty and their cultivation created pure art and inspiration.

I wouldn’t normally find myself in conversation with birds, but the pigeon who put on a dancing show for a piece of bacon at my breakfast by the sea deserved a stellar review.

I think it’s quite civilized to cross the chasm of species to build that kind of a rapport.

On Saturday morning, when we went out hunting for cheap breakfast. We unexpectedly ran into some animal caretakers leading horses from the local racetrack and stables to the ocean for a swim.

These tame horses let people pet them and ride their backs for oceanfront selfies, as their semi-wild caretakers led them along.

One gentleman groomer was only wearing his boxers (yes, those are boxers).

He walked from the track to the shore 1/4 mile away,

Barefoot. In his undies. With a horse and no saddle. For a morning swim in the ocean.

And you know what? I concluded that one doesn’t know shit about freedom ,’til she can stroll barefoot down the street in some drawls and jump in the ocean with a horse.

I saw some of these guys later at the races and they were dressed sharp as tacks, head to toe. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s a time and place for everything, and this was the time to show out.

Life requires us to counterbalance the opposites – the raw and untamable with order and reason. Often, we want to try to eliminate one or the other, because we don’t want to do the hard work of integrating the dichotomies, or because we’ve been deluded into thinking that one perspective is superior to the other.

The best experiences, though, aren’t usually achieved from one just perspective.

What do you think?

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