In my Bibliotique, you will find quality bookish accessories. They'll give your senses the stimulation they deserve to generously season your reading experience with even more joy. Click HERE to visit my Etsy Shop and order from my full inventory!

The sound of freshly printed pages when you fan open a new book for the first time.

That blissful experience of sinking into a whole new world as you lie on a beach with a your favorite drink and a good read.

These are some of the simple pleasures that lovers of the written word enjoy. But the fact that you can appreciate the little things doesn’t mean you can’t revel in some luxury, too.

Beauty is the spark of inspiration that stimulates your senses, tickles your desires, and invites your imagination out to play. 

It’s the art that gives color to the mundane. Sure, it’s in the eye of the beholder and some try to pretend it’s meaningless, but the brazen and the powerful understand that beauty is a fire-starter, a catalyst for creation.


My debut accessories, BookGems, are handcrafted bookmarks made with alluring jewelry findings. Designs include:

  • Semiprecious Gemstones
  • Stunning Natural Crystals
  • Colored Freshwater Pearls
  • Genuine Silk

When you order, your BookGems will be shipped to you or your gift recipient in elegant packaging with descriptions of the elements included in each design.

BookGems make fabulous gifts for:

  • Birthdays
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Administrative Assistant’s Day
  • and more…

BookGems are a practical, durable, and beautiful adornment. They’re a classy alternative to those hideous dogears, and paper or plastic bookmarks that tear and fray. They can even be used as guides for your e-reader. For kindle, nook, and other devices, just use the cord tightener that’s included.

Show off your style and never lose your place in a good book or your cherished holy texts.

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