“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

Would you rather live in a shack with a leaky roof, leaning walls, and a dirt floor or a deluxe apartment in the sky with all the best finishes and curtain windows overlooking a beautiful view?  When you consider your body your one true habitation, the decision to live in balanced health is a no-brainer.

Ladies, it will take sustained effort, maybe even a complete lifestyle change to stay in your best shape. But I’m not talking about killing yourself in the gym and making working out a part-time job (hey, unless that’s what you want to do). I’m talking succulent natural foods, fun recipes, and sexy dance workouts that may have you working up a sweat somewhere other than your workout room. Who can resist that?

You are not a “man with a womb”!

From the time that you were conceived, you developed according to a distinct blueprint for many specific purposes. Your body requires particular care. Once you make it a point to “know thyself”, understanding what your body needs, and setting aside time to take care of yourself, your JOY and true beauty will have no choice but to shine through.

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