2017 Cover KDP - finalPretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure

She’s a madcap adventurer who goes on thrilling international exploits, stares death in the face, and barely makes it out unscathed. She’s wild and wildly conflicted, but at first glance, you may not be able to tell. That’s because the decidedly unlucky Jane Luck is like a duck gliding on water, and on the surface it looks like she’s calmly paddling toward a bright future.

The daughter of well-meaning but troubled parents who struggle with violence, addiction and infidelity, Jane leaves home to pursue her lifelong dream to study architecture in the city of purported brotherly love. However, the elements of her past which travel with her almost cause her complete undoing.

In this first installment in the JANE LUCK ADVENTURES series, we find a floundering young college student whose staunch religious beliefs are a grounding force, but also a source of constant angst as she struggles to reconcile them with her humanity. When she gets a rare opportunity to cast off her cares during an escapade in Bermuda, a perfect storm of burnout, religious guilt, youthful sexuality, and the obsession of a deranged kidnapper, could send her over the edge.

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TFT Bowker CoverThings Fall Together: A Jane Luck Adventure

The best laid plans of naive, overzealous youths often go awry. Jane Luck’s plan to live life in the city as a fearless, free-spirited designer has instead left her homeless and buried under a mountain of student debt. Worse than that is the fact that she’s still struggling to process the loss of her beguiling mentor, Jack, who died unexpectedly… at her hands.

All she wants is a safe place to land and to get back to feeling like herself. But she has nothing close to rest when she becomes the target of a band of vengeful, Liberian ex-warlords who see her as a key to her boyfriend’s secret wealth. She’s swept up in another chaotic adventure in the land where her ancestors once attempted to create a haven of peace for Black Americans on African soil. Will her return only prolong the turmoil?

This, another trial by fire, strips her of a few more layers of fear and self-doubt. And just when she thinks her life is truly falling apart, some very important things start falling into place.

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