Enough grinding! I know you are exhausted. You’re in poor health, your relationships are toxic, you hemorrhage energy into a job that you hate or a lifestyle of constant achievement-chasing and caring for others, or you just want peace.

Marcus Williams,

You guzzled the superwoman kool-aid. It’s okay to admit. I once did too. But now we know better.

  • We know that chasing success often leads to depletion. It is better to align with the Spirit of our desires and to have success chase us by way of our magnetism.
  • We know that working smart is better than working hard any day, and that those who are most successful are the ones who know how to make their play their work, how to make a living out of life so that they can have the time, space, and energy to truly live.
  • We know that we must love others as we love ourselves (NOT instead of ourselves)—that means taking the time to properly care for ourselves so that we aren’t running through life on “E”.


We don’t grind over here. We’re playing the long game. Cultivating the spiritual fruit of JOY is our revolutionary act. We balance a firm spiritual foundation with self-knowledge, consistency, and laser focus on our goals in order to fulfill our destinies.

A merry heart is as good as medicine”. JOY Is essential to wellness. That’s why I promote JoyWell, which is about



Its about living a sane life at a sane pace, which inevitably results in more productivity and happiness; or as the Yogis like to call it — Wholeness.

Creativity + Saavy + Consistency = Hustle

Hustle Culture has been co-opted by the Western mentality of nonstop work. It has us thinking that we are supposed to be out here struggling for a better life. Well, that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?


“One minute you’re young and fun. And the next, you’re turning down the radio in your car to see better.” Unknown

Life is short, and struggle is stupid.  It’s time to align with your JOY and live WELL…now.

Explore each theme of JoyWell below:

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