The Great Deconstruction is Underway…

If you guzzled the superhuman kool-aid, it’s okay to admit. I once did too.
It's okay to change course. Especially if, at your core, you feel that: 
Marcus Williams,
  • Chasing success for the sake of consumption, prestige, and people-pleasing only leads to depletion.
  • Working smart is better than working hard any day.
  • Turning your play into your work can allow you to make a living out of life itself, so you can actually have the time, space, and energy to truly LIVE.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re learning…

  • There’s more than one way to love and be loved.
  • You can create the blueprint for your own love life, relationships, marriage, family, or happily choose to forego any of those experiences.
  • It’s so much better to love others as we love ourselves (Not instead of ourselves). That means taking the time to properly care for ourselves so that we aren’t running through life on “E”.
Life requires a constant counterbalancing act. No one can do it all, and trying to is fucking insane!

Cultivating JOY is a revolutionary act.

Hustle Culture has been co-opted by the Western mentality of nonstop work, and if you’re not careful it can become just another hamster wheel.

You can avoid that by living a sane life at a sane pace for you, resulting in what the Yogis like to call wholeness.

Life is short, and struggle is stupid. It's time to get grounded in your Joy.
Follow Your Bliss to Your Purpose, 

Align With Your Joy and Live Well

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