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Title: Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure
Author: Joy Outlaw
Publisher: OmniMind Media
Date of Publication: March 21, 2016
Retail Price:  $12.99 (Paperback), $3.99 (eBook) *Prices subject to change
ISBN (Paperback):  978-0-9971827-0-5
ISBN (eBook):  978-0-9971827-1-2
# of Pages: 283

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Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure

Joy Outlaw released her debut novel, Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure, in Spring 2016. This rousing story of a young woman’s much-belated coming of age could inspire laughter, tears, and maybe even your own evolutionary escapade.

“Clean up on aisle four!  Jane Luck reminds us that no matter how messy our lives get, old habits die hard.”  – Portia Cosby, author of “It’s Complicated” and “The Disgruntled Wives Club”

She’s a madcap adventurer at heart (sprinkled with a dash of mercenary and a heap of naiveté) who goes on thrilling international adventures, stares death in the face, and barely makes it out unscathed. She’s wild and wildly conflicted, but at first glance, you may not be able to tell. That’s because the decidedly unlucky Jane Luck is like a duck gliding on water, and on the surface it looks like she’s padddling toward a bright future with focus and ease.

The daughter of well-meaning but troubled parents who struggle with violence, addiction and infidelity, Jane leaves home to pursue her lifelong dream to study architecture in the city of purported brotherly love, Philadelphia. However, the elements of her past which travel with her almost cause her complete undoing.

In this first installment in the JANE LUCK ADVENTURES series, we find a floundering young college student whose staunch religious beliefs are a grounding force, but also a source of constant angst as she struggles to reconcile them with her humanity. When she gets a rare opportunity to cast off her cares during an escapade in Bermuda, a perfect storm of burnout, self-doubt, religious guilt, youthful sexuality, and the obsession of a deranged kidnapper, could send her over the edge.

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Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure by Joy Outlaw

#MeetJaneLuck. She’s something like a modern-day, female version of a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond— going on thrilling international adventures, staring death in the face, and barely making it out unscathed. She’s wild, wildly conflicted, and experiencing a bit of arrested development based in blind religiosity, fear, and lack of identity. The Jane Luck Adventures series will follow her delights and mishaps as she grows into an understanding of who she is and what her place in the world should be. It all begins with this first challenge: defeating some of her own demons along with a deranged kidnapper.


The typical author introduction often includes a litany of credentials intended to make a person appear professional and credible. What’s often more interesting, though, is the litany of personal experiences that mold an individual’s personality and perspective. Joy’s adventures (and misadventures) have colored her life with lessons and her mind with fantastic tales of love, failure, adventure, terror, sensuality, mystery, and more.

At a young age, she discovered the power of writing as a means of self-improvement.  Putting words to paper became her most effective tool for managing difficult circumstances and gaining the hindsight she needed to understand her own behavior.  Her journey as an author allows her to examine life, to cope, to grow, and to share in this process of metamorphosis with others. She is the owner of OmniMind Media, the imprint through which she publishes her own work. She aims to write books that inspire others to seek greater self-awareness, wisdom, and personal evolution- even if through unconventional means.

Joy was born in Augusta, GA, raised in southeastern Virginia, and took her wings in Pennsylvania where she completed studies at Philadelphia University. She is a wife and mother of two who lives in the lovely first state of Delaware.

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