“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

Wow! Cancel Culture really got some of y’all thinking that bitter bridge-burning is a form of evolved self-love.

What you do to others you do to yourself.

No child ever spawned on its own. No family thrives without the reasonable cooperation of its members. No successful business grows as a result of just one person’s effort, time, and money. And (to all you “Queens” in the room), no kingdom ever existed without a collaborating, royal court.

indie woman
really, sis?
As the Elders would say, “honey, bless your lil heart…”

In the same way that our people take pride for having turned slave scraps into Soul Food,  many of us developed strength and a sense of autonomy from doing things for and by ourselves. The fierce stance of the staunchly independent woman was born of necessity, but it is not the ideal. It’s a survival mechanism.

In JOYWELL, we go from simply surviving to thriving. We stop beating the drum of independence, and instead dance to the sweet tune of Divine Interdependence. We understand that we need one another because our actions affect each other and we were designed to work in tandem.

Let’s normalize people skills again, shall we?

We can maintain the right boundaries against foolishness and the autonomy we need to fulfill our goals as individuals and still value community for the balance that it brings.

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